A zero-turn mower can make mowing even the largest of lawns much easier than a push mower. The zero-turns are easy to operate and mow much faster than traditional riding lawn mowers. The guide below walks you through a few of the benefits of a zero-turn mower.

Large Cutting Deck

Zero-turn mowers often have very large cutting decks. The larger the cutting deck, the more area the mower can cut at one time. Having a very large deck will allow you to cut your entire lawn in a fraction of the time that it would have taken you to cut it with just about any other mower. The decks are still adjustable in height so that you can cut the grass as short or as tall as you would like.

Comfortable Seated Operation

Zero-turn mowers have seats that are adjustable to provide you with a comfortable seating option while you operate the mower. The seats are padded and wide for maximum comfort.

Sharp Turning Radius

Making stripes in your yard will be easier than ever with a zero-turn mower. The sharp turning radius of the mower allows you to quickly do a 180-degree turn when you are done with one of the stripes you want to create in the yard so that you can make the next stripe with ease. You will no longer have to turn off the blades of the mower, back it up, and realign it like you would with any other mowers to get the beautiful stripes you want.

Ease of Use

The zero-turn mowers are very easy to use. There are two handles that cause the mower to move forward and back, and left and right. The handles are also adjustable so that you can hold them at the exact distance that is right for your body to ensure you are comfortable operating the mower at all times. There is often a manual that comes with the mowers to allow you to learn everything you need or want to know about the mowers quickly and easily.

Once you own a zero-turn mower, you will quickly realize that you wasted a lot of time cutting your lawn with any other mower. Be sure to store the mower in a covered area to keep it safe from the elements so that it can work as well as possible for as long as possible. Leaving it out in the rain can cause it to start to rust and deteriorate quickly. For more information on zero-turn mowers, contact a company like Chenango Supply Co Inc.