If you've lived in a snowy climate, then you know that one of the more challenging areas to clear snow from your home is the end of the driveway. Plows cause the snow to pile up, it can quickly freeze, and it can be dangerous removing snow so close to the end of the driveway. To help make this job a lot easier and go by a lot faster, you may want to consider purchasing a powered snow blower. Snow blowers have a number of features that will make it easy to clear the end of the driveway to make it accessible for all of your vehicles.


During the winter, it can get dark pretty quick, really limiting the visibility when you're trying to remove snow from the driveway. This is why it's a good idea to consider snow blowers that have headlights built into them. Headlights will allow you to see the whole driveway and can dramatically increase your safety at the end of it. Plows and other vehicles will easily be able to see that you are snow blowing at the end of the driveway and they can help avoid the area.

Power Steering

As you are clearing out the end of your driveway, there may be a lot of tight turns and movements that need to be made. If this is the case, then you will be better with a snow blower that features power steering. Power steering will make it easy to turn the snow blower once you reach the edge of your driveway. This makes it easy to clear out a path and prevents you from going too far out into the road.

Heated Handles

Falling snow, gusts of wind, and flying snow from cars or plows can make it an extremely cold experience when you're trying to clear out the driveway. You can help keep your body temperature up by purchasing a snow blower that has heated handles. These handles can provide you with warmth that makes the whole experience as comfortable as possible.

Steel Two-Stage Auger Design

When clearing out the end of your driveway, you are not removing just snow. Plows contribute to the snow, creating large ice chunks, layers of slush, and even more layers of ice underneath that. To help you get through all of these sections, you want to shop for a snow blower that features a two-stage auger design. The durable steel augers can easily dig through the materials and provide you with a clear driveway so vehicles can make their way through.

Once you decide on features that you love, it will be easier to narrow down your snow blower options. For more information, contact local professionals like ProCore Power Equipment LLC.