Everywhere you go shopping for fresh vegetables, you see organic this and natural that, but are they truly organic. The best way to ensure your vegetables are free of chemicals and additives is to do your own organic garden. Start with a natural approach to natural gardening this year to find out what works and begin harvesting organic vegetable from your backyard.

Finding the Best Plot and Preparing Soil Naturally

You want to find the ideal location for your vegetable garden, which should have plenty of sunlight, protected from pests and have a nearby water source for irrigation. Once you have chosen your vegetable plot, you will want to begin preparing the soil. Start by tilling the soil, and then add natural fertilizer like manure and organic compost materials, and then, till the soil again.

Start a Compost Pile to Produce Your Own Natural, Nutrient-Rich Soils

One of the materials that you will need for your natural garden is nutrient-rich planting soil. Start a compost pile to begin making your own soil for germinating seeds and adding to your vegetable plot for fresh nutrients. To avoid problems with insects and pests inside your home, locate the compost heap a safe distance away, such as in the very back of your yard near the fence or property line.

Germinate Your Own Seedlings and Begin Sowing Your Own Seeds

Another thing that you will want to consider when planning your natural garden is the type of seed you use. Avoid using modified seeds and commercially available seeds with chemical treatments. Instead, get your seeds from a reputable organic seed service. Once you begin to produce your own vegetables, save your seeds to begin creating your own. Germinate your seeds and start the first seedlings indoors before it is time to plant them in spring.

Use Natural Fertilizers to Give Plants Nutrients and Produce a Bountiful Harvest

It is important that soils have the right nutrients for your vegetables to thrive and produce a good harvest. This means that you will want to add fertilizer and nutrient-rich materials to the soil like compost and manure. There are also natural fertilizers to help get your organic garden started and produce a good harvest the first year.

It can take time to find out what works for your natural garden and start harvesting your own organic vegetables. For help boosting the production of your organic garden the first year, buy natural plant fertilizers to help give plants nutrients and begin a healthy cycle of producing chemical-free vegetables and fruit year after year.